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At H&H Property Management, it’s important to us that we can serve all of your property’s needs. This helps to ensure you’re working with only one trustworthy, award-winning company at a time. We pride ourselves in doing the work right the first time, every time.

Specify Proper Flora Species Cultivar for Correct Location Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

Landscape design and installation goes far beyond just planting a shrub or tree. The desire for an open dialogue between us and the client is what makes us delighted. Discovering your wants and needs simultaneously with the landscape vision, is what we strive for.

Discovering those needs starts with the functional aspects of the design along with aesthetics of the overall appeal. When functional and aesthetic goals are established we when take pride in choosing the correct species and cultivar of the plant, shrubs or trees for the correct area in order to maximize the clients functional and aesthetic value.

Spring cleanup, fall debris removal

Spring and fall cleanups can be a daunting task without the right equipment. Take back your weekends and enjoy the changing seasons without the headache of cleaning up the yard by hand.

Spring cleanups are custom tailored to each client’s property depending on what each landscape demands. Spring cleanups can be as basic as cleaning all leaf and stick debris from all turfgrass and garden beds along with evaluating shrub and tree damage from winter storms. Services can be added to a basic spring cleanup such as turfgrass soil testing, turfgrass thatching if necessary and much more.

Fall cleanups are custom tailored to each client’s property depending on what each landscape demands. Clients can choose the frequency of cleanups throughout the autumn season, while most clients choose a two-visit program some love a clean property at a higher frequency of visits.

Turfgrass Care

Weekly lawn mowing & trimming, soil testing, seasonal pre-emergent weed protection, grub prevention, crabgrass spot treatment, turf fertilization, lime application

Our lawn mowing service, for us, is much more than just cutting the grass. Our regular practice is to evaluate the turfgrass every time we step foot on it. Ensuring that the client is receiving the desired functionality of their lawn, from evaluating weather conditions, mowing height, removal of grass clippings, trimming garden edges, blowing off all hard surfaces, cleaning lawn mowers and to sharpen mower blades every day to guarantee the best service is provided.

Soil testing is an absolute critical practice on an annual basis to receive feedback of what your turfgrass needs throughout the season. This testing ensures that the correct practices are being performed at the correct times. Let a certified turfgrass manager treat your lawn like a golf course fairway.

The most effective method of fighting against your common turfgrass weeds is pre-emergently (before they emerge from the soil). Let the H&H turf team evaluate your lawn areas in order to develop a weed management plan.

Do you suspect a turfgrass insect issue? The H&H turf team will identify the issue with our entomology background and develop to plan with options to solve the issue at hand.

Treating unwanted weeds pre-emergently is the most effective method, however there are times most weed to show their face along walkways and driveways due a heat transfer. The H&H turf team will evaluate the situation and offer options to treat the problem areas.

Having extensive knowledge in the turfgrass agronomy field, our fertilization programs are very unique. Starting with analyzing the soil foundation to give the team baseline information we will then custom tailor your program specifically to your lawn to expose untapped potential that most companies will not.

While most applicators will simply follow the packaging instructions to maintain a lawn’s current pH levels with no knowledge of what the soil actually needs, The H&H turf team will test the soil to evaluate its current state with major consideration of the Cation Exchange Rate to truly bring your turfgrass soil to where it needs to be for optimal turfgrass performance.

Shrubs & Trees

Hand pruning, species identification

Managing shrubs and ornamental trees in a landscape should be performed with knowledge of proper pruning practices. Pruning practices are relative to the species in which we are caring for, one size does not fit all!

Fine Garden Care

Plant installation, plant replacement, plant removal, weeding

Enjoying a beautiful outdoor garden throughout the season sometimes cannot be described in words. Flowing with textures and colors that are harmonized with the entire property and landscape and as varieties of species are finished with their color and beauty yet another is just starting. The success of gardens in many different varieties and themes share one necessity: maintenance.

Whether it be simple removal of weeds, pre-emergent weed control, trimming, fertilization, or winter preparation. Our staff can assist with your gardening needs so you have enjoyed your own nature

Organic Turf Care

Top dress, turf thatching, core aeration, overseeding, verticut process

The ideal soil profile under your turfgrass is 30% clay, 30% silt and 30% sand with not more than 5% organic material. Most lawn soils can be not the most ideal after investigation, the cultural practice of top dressing can assist in accomplishing this goal.

Turfgrass thatch is the decaying material between the turfgrass crowns and the soil. The thatch layer can be beneficial to about one inch in depth. If the thatch layer is greater than one inch this can affect nutrient and water absorption along with a higher risk of insect and disease introduction. We will only perform turfgrass thatching if this cultural practice is truly beneficial.

Core Aeration is a perfect opportunity to built density in your current turfgrass by performing an over-seeding application with the proper species/cultivar.

The process of verticut (also known as slice seeding) is the cultural practice of seed to soil contact for germination while minimizing damage to the already existing turfgrass. This method is very effective when the goal is to build density to your already existing lawn.

Irrigation Installation

Lawn and yard watering done right

We love to save water! The misuse of an irrigation system can lead to hundreds of gallons of wasted water, fertilizer leaching, erosion, soil compaction, turfgrass diseases, weaker root systems, weaker overall plant and much more.

Our background in hydrology makes our team to great fit to get your irrigation system on the right track.

Mulch Installation

Brown pine, red hemlock, black forest, and organic compost leaf mulch

Benefits of mulches in your plant, shrub and tree gardens.

The benefits of installing mulch goes beyond just the cosmetic appearance of a clean crisp look. Functional benefits include moisture retention, weed suppression, temperature regulation and soil fertility. Our team’s absolute focus is the proper installation of mulches in your gardens to maximize the benefits of the product you choose.

Brown pine mulch: Our most popular material we install due to the subtle yet very clean look in a variety of gardens. A highly aromatic double ground fresh pine produced here in New England.

Red hemlock mulch: Our red hemlock mulch we provide is all natural without any dyes or chemicals added to provide a highly aromatic double ground material produced here in New England that results in a beautiful rich appearance.

Black forest pine mulch: Our most distinctive option that makes your existing plant, shrubs and trees along with grass edge lines very prominent.

Organic compost leaf mulch: The most beneficial option in regards to tree and plant health which provides all the distinct features as other mulches plus much more. This organic leaf compost is what you would see providing nutrients in a natural environment without the use of any chemicals. This organic mulch it perfect for building your soil profile and biology by decomposing at a faster rate than a bark mulch providing a much more functional option.


Snow & Ice Management

Snow plowing, ice protection, corporate snow removal

Keeping parking lots and walkways clear of snow and ice is a true passion for the H&H Snow and Ice Management team. Monitoring weather patterns along with air and pavement temperatures is always an ongoing task during the winter months. We consider it our business to keep your business open during and after winter storms!

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