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Seasonal Care

Season changes are inevitable in New England. Let us handle your spring clean up and fall debris removal. Our seasonal calendar below outlines our seasonal offerings.


March 1 - May 31

As the days become longer, the snow begins to disappear and we begin to hear the songs of the birds in the air we begin to appreciate the upcoming spring season.

The newly growing leaf buds on the trees and early season perennials starting to show their presents.

This season sets the foundation of the growing season for the rest of the year. The practices that H&H performs during this time dictates the success of your landscape for the remainder of the year and also years to come.


June 1 - September 30

As the air and soil temperatures start to rise we clearly begin to see the fruits of our labor from the turfgrass to the perennial and shrub gardens.

H&H has a passion for managing your beautiful landscapes, from weekly lawn service to fine garden management. Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy the summer beauty without taking away your summertime.


October 1 - November 25

This season is such a bittersweet time of year for us, for our team we consider it Beethoven’s 9th symphony, just beautiful yet the sign of the end of the growing season.

Early autumn is our more active time of the year due to the ideal soil temperatures. Whether it be preparation of an already existing fine garden or lawn or evolving a new masterpiece, this time of year is near perfect to start a composition.

In late Autumn, when the gorgeous colors start to fall to the ground and the winter months are approaching our team will ensure that the property is nice and tidy for the holiday season.


November 26 - February 28

Did you know that some houseplants can lower respiratory issues, eye irritation problems and contribute to fewer headaches?

Even in the cold and snowy New England winter, one can still enjoy the benefits of a beautiful landscape by incorporating a variety of houseplants.

If you need help with snow and ice, we’re here to help as well with plowing and snow removal options.

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