Cambridge Backyard Upgrade

This property is a newer condominium near the city, so because of this, we wanted to introduce seasonal flowers, leaf texture, and branch structure in the backyard to create a unique and special experience. We created a small backyard oasis where our clients could escape and enjoy the tranquility of nature, in contrast to their busy Boston lives.

In order to do this, we helped this client create additional privacy by installing arborvitae and Spruce trees in specific locations. These act as natural screens that assist with blocking views of the neighboring condos. We designed a beautiful floral garden consisting of Limelight and Endless Summer hydrangea, as well as Nepeta perennials as a foreground. This, along with the Eastern Redbud tree, will provide much-needed color during the Spring and into the Summer months. Since the original soil profile of this property was of poor quality, we performed a full soil profile reconstruction along with a compost mulch. Irrigation zones were installed to provide proper watering to the newly installed plants, shrubs, and trees. This all lays the foundation for an ideal growing environment, promoting plant health and longevity.

All machines, equipment, and materials were transported through the back-door threshold using a fully custom ramp and protective coverings to ensure safety and zero damage to the home.

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